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Our partners are dedicated to transforming the lives of urban youth in their community on a year-round basis.

Since Camp Grace began in 2004, our mission has been to connect with like-minded partners in transforming the lives of urban youth.

Camp Grace strives to strengthen what our ministry partners do by providing a high capacity, high quality overnight camp experience coupled with additional events throughout the year.

Joy Walter, Awakening Fires

2017 Camp Dates

Week 1 May 29- June 3 – Ages 7-12
Week 2 June 5-10 – Ages 7-12
Week 3 June 12-17 – Ages 7-12
Week 4 June 19-24 – Ages 7-12
Week 5 June 26-July 1- TEEN WEEK Ages 13 – 17
Week 6 July 3-8 – TEEN WEEK Ages 13 – 17
Week 7 July 10-15- Ages 7-12
Week 8 July 17-22- Ages 7-12

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“So, thank you, Camp Grace for doing what you do best: loving our kids and showing them that God loves them too!”

Joy Walter, Redeeming Hope Ministries

A Summer to Remember

I just wanted to let you know the impact that camp had on our kids. Last night, we spent our small group time talking about camp. We combined our older groups, and then allowed the few younger ones that went to camp to join us, so they could participate as well. We started with a song that they learned at camp, “Awesome God”. It was incredible to watch them worship and really get in to it. (We have tried to implement worship in the past, and it hasn’t gone over well).
They were so pumped to sing last night. It also really touched the hearts of our food team. One of the ladies shared in tears how much it meant to her to hear them worship. Afterward, we sat in a big circle and talked about their week at camp.
Of course, they couldn’t stop talking about how much they liked all of the activities. They also enjoyed talking about all that they did in their electives; outdoors was hands-down the favorite.
We then moved on to “Power Hour,” and I was so impressed as different ones put together the entire story of Joseph. Many of them also had Isaiah 40:31 memorized as well. We got a little more serious, and talked about Thursday night. One of my older girls explained about “CrossTalk,” and told the others who had not been to camp about the skit. One of the younger ones then explained Pastor Dave’s illustration in detail. We asked if any of them made important decisions that night, and one of my older girls explained how her group prayed with their counselor to ask Jesus to forgive their sins. Tears come to my eyes as I write this.