Transforming urban under-served youth
through grace with overnight camps

One Team One Mission

The Problem

The number of youth in “At-Risk” communities continue to grow. These youth are facing larger hurdles while having less access to resources.

We believe and have no seen time and time again that if we can change the environment God will change the heart of these young people.


It has been stated the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. Camp Grace believes long lasting change must begin with a change in the heart. The answer is to change their hearts through the transforming truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the primary focus of Camp Grace.

The mission of Camp Grace is to transform the lives of urban under-served youth through grace with overnight camps. We have found that getting our youth out of the city environment for extended overnight stays and showing them unconditional love and speaking hope into their lives has and is transforming our campers. We know from experience that what we are doing is starting to break the cycle of poverty, crime, teen pregnancy and the high school dropout rate.

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The Strategy

Camp would not be possible without three key pieces. Camp Grace itself is one, but the two vital pieces that make camp happen each summer are our amazing urban partners and our generous donors!

Urban Partners

Camp would not be possible without our incredible urban partners. Our urban partners are committed to changing the environment of the at-risk youth we minister to and that is why they bring their ministry to camp during the summer. These amazing people are the ones who mentor and love our campers year-round and are why the gospel doesn’t stop after camp is over for the summer.

C3 Donors

Throughout Camp Grace’s existence we have been so blessed by our corporate, community, and church partners. These partners are people and communities who sponsor 10 or more campers each summer. Not only would camp be impossible without them,  every building at camp would not exist without them. God has used them to create the environment to change the hearts of those at-risk youth.

Each building at camp tells an incredible story of God’s grace. Check our the facilities section to find out how each building came to be a part of Camp Grace.

The Results

Overall Statistics

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C3 is a name we have given to our corporate, community and church partners that sponsor 10 or more campers each summer. The vast majority of our youth are sponsored through our C3 Partners. Each C3 Partner will receive a personal picture and thank you from each sponsored camper.

God has begun a good work through Camp Grace and we are asking Him to raise up a team of C3 Partners that will continue the work He has started with us and to expand it beyond what we can ever believe or imagine!