Serena’s Story

Every Thursday at Camp, we have Cross Talk. In the Summer of 2017, I accepted Jesus into my heart and I know that if I had not gone to Camp that would not have happened when it did. I am so glad that I did. The next year was going to be really had for me. About a year ago my father unexpectedly passes away. For me, it hit me hard and my mindset changed. I went from being happy and trusting God to struggling to get out of bed. I was trying to do everything on my own. I was dealing with many other issues as well. My friends started getting me to go to church. And things stared to get better. My faith started to grow and I grew closer to God. Then I came to Camp Grace for the 4th time. At first I was not open with the issues I had been facing. One night I ended up on the porch with my counselor and she told me that God paints our life like a picture. That image changed my mind set. I felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. I knew that God had me and had plans for my life.

At Camp, My Counselor Ms. Shawna told me that life is full of many different shades of paint. For a while I had been in a dark shade, but after coming to Camp and reconnecting with the Lord I started to go into a lighter shade. This imagery helped me understand how God loves us all the time and will always help you though a hard time.

Today, I am walking with God and although I don’t know why bad things happen, I know he is always with me. I am in a lighter shade now and I know that with God’s protection and perfect plan my life will be better with him by my side. So next time when I am in a valley, I will keep my eyes on God. When I am on a mountain, I will thank him for putting me there.