Know The Facts


Our mission is to transform urban youth, through grace, with overnight camps.

The Solution


Why Camp?

Many ask this question, WHY CAMP, and the solution that is Camp Grace was born out of the one life that was changed in our Executive Director. Growing up poor in East Liverpool, Ohio, Dave was one of the four kids whose future, as most in a factory town, was to work in a steel mill. As a young kid his world was expanded when he experienced a change in his environment. As he competed in a gymnastics meet at Ohio State University the dream of going to college was born. Today, he is the only one of those four children to not only hold a college degree, but two masters degrees as well.

As an alumni of The Ohio State University, he credits his drive to accomplish this goal to the change in his environment. Later on in life, another changed occurred in his heart when he accepted the truth of Jesus Christ. He credits the vision, success and drive of Camp Grace and so many other accomplishments to this change of heart. At Camp Grace we want to create an environment that creates dreams, changes hearts and inspires life change.

How We Do It


We seek to connect with like-minded partners to transform the lives of urban youth.
Everyone can find a place to partner and get involved in the story that is being written by so many through Camp Grace.


Our partners are dedicated to transforming the lives of urban youth in their community on a year-round basis. We could not have camp without our Urban Partners that see the value of changing the environment of the youth they serve in their passion to change their hearts.

Urban Partners


Our partners keep the doors open and build them as well. From sponsoring kids to camp, building buildings, and being apart of our staffs support teams, donors are partners that are building the dream and transforming lives in a valuable way.



Our partners keep camp grace running. With three hundred acres and 1000 kids throughout the summer, keeping up with maintenance, building new building, running camp, and feeding mouths, our volunteers time is invaluable!