Dave’s Devotions: Doing Life Out of Who We Are Chapter 7

Feb 6, 2023

I used to think of the gospel as, “Jesus died for my sins, and I now have a place in heaven when I die.” This is true, but is only one part or one side of the gospel. Don’t take me wrong. I share the gospel with many and the core of it is just what I mentioned. But over the years I have learned that the gospel runs deeper than this. The depth of the gospel or what I call both sides of the gospel is what really sets me free to enjoy what I have in Christ and is the foundation of my core belief system.  Don’t forget, we are trying to define what a proper core belief system is for a Christian. That is the goal and out of our core belief system flows our values and out of our values flows our works, or our behavior.

In past devotions I developed for you what it looks like, first, being in Adam and then what is looks like to be in Christ. For the moment we will let being in Adam represent the left side of the cross and being in Christ represent the right side of the cross. I used to be in Adam and now I am in Christ. I am a new creation.

Check this out as I show you how I view the two.

Living Christ’s life depends not on something we do, but on what has already been done by Jesus Christ to set us free from sin and ourselves.

See you next time as we develop the right side!!

Dave Pridemore
Founder of Camp Grace