List of Needs

There are always opportunities to meet specific needs at Camp Grace


Camp Grace needs everything from weedwackers, tractors and basketballs. Camp Grace’s growth depends on the generosity of many!

List of Needs

  1. 1,500 water bottles
  2. Bring afternoon snacks
  3. Become a mission team for a week of summer camp
  4. Come as a work team before camp begins
  5. Create care packages of toiletries for campers
  6. Gatorade and bottled water
  7. Donate food for summer camp
  8. Donate new underwear and socks
  9. Donate swimsuits and summer clothing
  10. Five gallon water containers GATORADE CONTAINERS
  11. Fishing equipment
  12. Archery equipment
  13. Food for crud wars (camp wide food fight)
  14. Misting tents for equestrian programs
  15. Supplies for arts and crafts
  1. Power or telephone poles for our high ropes course and storage shed
  2. Furniture for our fort towers.
  3. 80 new twin mattresses for our fort bunk beds
  4. Mattress covers (80)
  5. Three flat screen 55″ TV’s for the cafe wall.
  6. Sod for the archery course and the new football field
  7. A pump station from the lake to the football field for irrigation
  1. 2 miles of black four railed horse fence built, with material
  2. Build a circular horse walking track for our horses
  3. Build a wash station for our horses at the barn
  4. Build hay feed stations with small covered roofs in the horse fields
  5. Plumb barn with water from the near well
  6. Build field house at the football field, architectural plans already completed for the project.
  7. Clear brush around the ponds
  8. Install pump system from large pond to the activities pond
  1. A used bobcat
  2. A tractor
  3. Hay bailing round and square equipment
  4. Used pick up truck for the camp grounds
  5. Bush hog for tractor
  6. Three chain saws
  7. Tools
  8. Fork lift
This amount is for building out our new dining hall and child development center. The detailed architectural plans are completed and the build is ready to be built as soon as the funds are raised. This facility will complete the $8,000,000 to complete our first camp we call FRONTIERTOWN. Once this is complete we will start on camp number 2 we are calling HOOPTOWN.