Men and Women’s Dean
You will be working directly under the Director in anything related to camper/counselor relations. This includes, but not exclusively the tasks of:

  • Camper registration and housing
  • Weekly counselor evaluations
  • Emotional and spiritual support of counselors
  • Management and Discipline of campers
  • Help with logistics of programming
  • Facilitation of camp schedule/activities
  • Up front role in communication with campers/counselors

Water Lead
You are required to have a current lifeguard certification and CPR/first aid certification. You will be responsible for the overall safety, program structure, and staff schedule of our aquatics program. This includes one junior Olympic swimming pool, activities/swimming pond and a canoeing pond. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Enforce pool safety protocol
  • Schedule lifeguard rotations and assignments
  • Facilitate weekly camper swim tests and water front rules
  • Weekly lifeguard evaluations
  • Maintain all water front areas and equipment
  • Maintain pool chemical balance
  • Create water front activities

Ropes Lead
You are required to have a basic knowledge of dynamic rope systems. (i.e. belaying and being a confident climber and instructor) You will be responsible for the overall safety, program structure, and staff schedule of our high ropes program. This includes the Wet Zip at the activities pond, 50ft and 20 ft. climbing wall, and the High Ropes. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Oversee and maintain safety protocol
  • Schedule rotations and assignments
  • Complete weekly evaluations of high ropes staff
  • Maintain all ropes areas and equipment

Hype Team Lead
You are responsible for executing all major events at camp. The event planning details, camper experience and management of people are the key focuses of your job. Tasks will include, but not exclusively:

  • Assign campers and cabins to electives
  • Lead the core team and mission team members in set up and tear down of major events
  • Maintain the equipment for all events
  • Keep all equipment and supplies stocked
  • Maintain a level of excellence in each event as its own experience for the duration of camp
  • Assess events as they are happening and be looking for ways to improve for excellence

Mission Team Lead
You are responsible for working directly with each mission team that comes to serve for a week of camp. You will be the face of Camp Grace to our mission team partners and the leader of their day to day service to camp. Tasks include, but not exclusively:

  • Oversee the welcome and training of each mission team weekly
  • Work closely with the event lead to utilize the hands of the mission team for events
  • Lead the day to day schedule of the mission teams experience
  • Serve along side the mission team to keep the critical behind the scene tasks going
  • Have an overall understanding of needs of camp to utilize the service of the mission team
  • Lead daily devotions for the mission team members

Nurse Intern
The nurse intern will serve as an assistant to our volunteer RN or LPN. Tasks will include, but not exclusively:

  • Be technologically savvy to be run and operate our online medical center
  • Check and double-check that each staff member, counselor, and camper has a medical file and examination form completed and is in the computer system properly
  • Assist in setting up and operating a health screening when campers arriving by verifying medical needs and inventorying all camper medication
  • Help RN manage the online schedule of when medications are to be administered to campers/staff as well as medicines that they will be taking on their own
  • Maintain medication/supply inventory and check it daily; keep stocked!
  • Maintain first aid kits located throughout camp
  • Complete accident reports online no matter how small the injury
  • Manage online reporting of all medication and injuries
  • Take inventory of supplies at the end of the summer and pack for storage
  • In charge of the cleanliness of the Nurses station. Standards of cleanliness will be given to you when you arrive