Men and Women’s Dean

You will be working directly under the Assistant Camp Directors in anything related to camper/counselor relations.Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Staff housing placement each week
  • Weekly counselor evaluations
  • Emotional and spiritual support of counselors
  • Management and discipline of campers
  • Help with logistics of programming
  • Facilitation of camp schedule/activities
  • Up front role in communication with campers/counselors
  • Lead weekly devotions for counselors

Activity Lead

You will work directly under the Assistant Camp Director in the managing and maintaining of all of camp activities. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Maintaining pool chemicals
  • Maintaining all activity related equipment
  • Make sure activities are running effectively
  • Scheduling respective teams to their activities
  • Implementing ways to improve activities
  • Leading devotions for all lifeguards and ropes staff

Volunteer Lead

You will report to the Guest service Director in an effort to create the environment for volunteers. You are responsible for working directly with each Mission Team, S.A.L.T. members and Counselor in Training that comes to serve for a week of camp. You will be the face of Camp Grace to our volunteers and be the leader that communicates and oversees their day-to-day service to camp. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Oversee the welcome and training of the Mission Teams and CITs each week
  • Work closely with the Program Lead to utilize the hands of the Mission Team for events and work with the Kitchen Assistant on the needs for meals in the Dining Hall
  • Lead the day-to-day schedule of the Mission Teams and utilize the CITs when they are not in cabins
  • Serve alongside the Mission Team to keep the critical behind the scene tasks going
  • Have an overall understanding of needs of camp to utilize the service of the Mission Team and CITs
  • Lead daily devotions for the Mission Team members and a devotion and meeting for the CITs
  • Be in communication with the Dean and Counselors
  • You will be point person for all volunteers onsite
  • You will write and send out thank you notes to all volunteers onsite
  • You will check in daily with the S.A.L.T members

Program Lead

You are responsible for executing all major events at camp. The event planning details, camper experience and management of people are the key focuses of your job. You are responsible for the quality and logistics of all large group events at camp. You are planning through and facilitating any inclement weather programming. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Lead the CORE Team and Mission Team members in set up and tear down of major events
  • Maintain the equipment and supplies for all events
  • Keep all equipment and supplies stocked
  • Maintain a level of excellence in each event as its own experience for the duration of camp
  • Assess events as they are happening and be looking for ways to improve for excellence
  • Manage the collection and communication of spirit points
  • Facilitate large camp wide games throughout the week
  • Plan and facilitate short skits and indoor games for Power Hour and AM Announcements
  • Maintain a level of energy and excellence for all upfront personalities
  • Lead the Production Team to a high level of excellence
  • Challenge your team’s creativity in bringing events to life, through lights, personality, video etc.
  • Lead a devotion and department meeting for Program Team Daily