Program Director
You will be setting the tone for camp and leading the program/production team underneath you. You are responsible for the quality and logistics of all large group events at camp. Tasks include, but not exclusively:

  • Lead the production team to a high level of excellence
  • Challenge your teams creativity in bringing events to life, through lights, personality, video etc.
  • Split cabins into teams for games and events
  • Manage the collection and communication of spirit points
  • Facilitate large camp wide games throughout the week
  • Plan and facilitate short skits and indoor games for Power Hour and Am Show
  • Maintain a level of energy and excellence for all upfront personalities
  • Manage staff and their gifting to its fullest potential
  • Lead bible studies for program team

You will be setting the tone for camp under the direct leadership of the program director in an upfront roll. You will be the energy and face of the summer to manage the tone of each event. Tasks include, but not exclusively:

  • Up front personality of each event
  • Work directly with the program director in creating upfront skits, characters and games for power hour, Am show, meals and big group activities
  • You will be responsible from the front to keep on schedule.
  • You will directly be responsible of managing the energy needed for and event and keeping the tone and flow of that event on point.
  • Facilitate large camp wide games throughout the week.
  • Facilitate and manage thunder count indoor time as the upfront voice.
  • You will need a knowledge of all activities and flow of schedule to keep on point with.

You will be responsible for all music related needs at camp. You will create the hype the feel and the slow down through music playlists. Tasks include, but not exclusively:

  • Each event from walking up to a meal to power hour or big group games music sets the tone for that event and creates a new energy. Your job will be to choose mix and use the right music for these moments
  • Create and manage all music needed for hype, transition, sound effects, etc.
  • Keep to the clean version and Christian focused music throughout the week.
  • A focus on using main stream beats to transition to Christian lyric focused music that can be remembered by the end of the week to have each camper take home a song or two that is Christ focused and fits with the music style they listen to.
  • Assist the AV team in setting up and tearing down all sound related equipment as needed.
  • Work directly the the program director and MC in transitions and flow of production.

Music Lead
You will be the lead in all up front worship and band related music from the front. Your job will be to work directly with the program director in the worship and any concert related times to produce a quality upfront music experience for the campers. You will also be responsible for leading all music talent to guide them in the correct musical direction. Tasks include, but not exclusively:

  • Picking out and composing music for worship in power hour and any other upfront concert related needs.
  • Keep up the quality desired for a worship experience in transitions and flow of music in the upfront fashion.
  • Must have a knowledge of music to blend and use talent.
  • You will be leading a team of musicians in rehearsals to create quality
  • You will guide the music team in spiritual leadership through bible studies and encouraging the talents that God has given them.

Videographer & Editor
You will capture life at camp through video for program needs as well as marketing of camp in the off season. Tasks will include, but not exclusively:

  • Creating, filming and editing weekly camp videos
  • Working with Media & Program team to create film and edit program with videos as needed
  • Splice and organize needed videos for the teaching each night.
  • Work with program director on any video needs for meal times and games.
  • Working as a team with your Marketing counterpart if needed to capture raw footage for marketing

Photographer & Editor
You will be responsible for all photography related to programing for the summer. Tasks will include, but not exclusively:

  • Taking, editing and organizing pictures on a daily basis of all activity at camp
  • Working with program team in creating, capturing and building the program of each event.
  • Capturing stories from staff and connecting visual images to those stories for sunshine on Saturday
  • Take and organize ID photos of campers
  • Capture pictures specific to ministries and create a thank you to Urban partners with pictures of their kids.
  • Take and capture the group and cabin pictures on Saturday.

Audio Visual Team
You will be responsible for all set up and running of sound, video and light equipment. You will assist as part of the program team in keeping the quality of sound and visual tech running through out events. Tasks include, but not limited to:

  • You will be responsible for setting up sound needs for every event promptly
  • Oversee maintain and manage all sound, visual, and lighting equipment in an organized fashion.
  • Creating and running multimedia needs for events and program