2017 Camp Grace Banquet

We are 2 days away from our 2017 Banquet! Whether or not you plan to attend you can still help us fulfill an amazing opportunity. We have been given a $100,000 matching gift for this event and we don’t want to leave any money on the table! Thank you for everyone has given. We are getting closer every day! Please help us raise scholarships for the 1,300 campers and be the conduit for life change for a child in need of hope!



As I got to know one of my campers, Cameron, I saw he was a sweet boy even though he came from a rough community. The friends he had back home would tempt him into doing the wrong things. He was too nice to ignore them even though he wanted nothing to do with what they were doing. Every night in during our cabin team time he would be the most involved and always asked questions about the gospel. Then Thursday came and we went through Cross Talk. He accepted Christ and believed with all of his heart that Jesus was the way back to God!



This week we had a quiet girl named Lamaya. She has a rough home life and gets bullied. When she opened up to me I shared my story with her. I let her know that our stories have a lot of similarities and how God helped me through those times. By the end of the week she accepted Christ and I was able to leave her with a few of my favorite verses highlighted in her Bible she got at Camp Grace!