Graphic Intern

This paid internship works with the Multimedia Director, and Development team to create content for the upcoming year of fundraising, including social media content, print materials, and “thank you” pieces for major foundations. Applicants must be proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Photoshop.

Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • You will create a Summer in Review magazine in direct collaboration with the Developing and Marketing Directors at Camp Grace
  • You will be writing stories and collecting success stories for blogs and social media posts.
  • You will design and create a large donor Thank you photo Book.
  • You will be researching and designing a brochure for MissionPartners to give to parents on Camp
    Grace while Mission Partners are at Camp.
  • You will work with the Camp Grace staff to produce branding for our two events for campers that
    happen throughout the year.
  • You will assist the program team on any designing that they need for summer media. You will
    help design and put together the counselor awards and thank yous for the end of the summer
  • You will be helping the multimedia director manage the marketing.

Office Assistant

You are responsible for maintaining the camp office during the summer. You will ensure the office is kept clean and all paperwork is filed correctly. You must stay organized and keep to a schedule to make sure that camp is ready each week and that a level of excellence is maintained throughout the summer. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Keeping the office clean
  • Working with the Directors to have the office running smoothly
  • Preparing and organizing paperwork for Ministry Partners and daily Staff Meetings
  • Helping to facilitate check-in and housing each week
  • Create, print, and organize all name tags for the upcoming week
  • Keeping inventory of supplies and working with Directors with purchasing things needed
  • Manage all mail ingoing and outgoing
  • Coordinate and input all evaluations and success stories into the computer
  • Manage all off site trips for needed things at camp
  • Responsible for signing all visitors in and connecting them with any needed information and
  • Write all Thank You letters to Volunteers, Mission Teams, and Ministry Partners

Guest Services Intern

The Guest Services Intern will work directly under the Guest Services Manager, and in coordination with the Guest Services Director, Food Service Director and Camp Directors to ensure all guests have an excellent experience on property. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Intern will be involved with carrying out administrative tasks
  • Coordinating with multiple departments to ensure guest satisfaction
  • Work with year-round and summer staff to implement day-to-day hospitality
  • Use problem-solving skills to creatively work with guests and resolve complaints or concerns
  • Check-in visitors on site
  • Ensure a welcoming and clean environment for guests in lodging and common areas,
  • Monitor and maintain facilities to our standard of excellence and communicate any areas of

Nurse Intern

The Nurse Intern will serve as an assistant to our volunteer RN or LPN. Other tasks you will be responsible for, but not exclusively are:

  • Be technologically savvy to run and operate our online medical center
  • Check and double-check that each staff member, volunteer, Ministry Partner and camper has a
    medical file and examination form completed and is in the computer system properly
  • Assist in setting up and operating a health screening when campers arriving by verifying medical
    needs, inventorying all camper medication, conducting temperature and a lice check
  • Help RN manage the online schedule of when medications are to be administered to campers, staff, and volunteer as well as medicines that they will be taking on their own
  • Maintain medication/supply inventory and check it daily; keep stocked!
  • Maintain first aid kits located throughout camp
  • Complete accident reports online no matter how small the injury
  • Collect accident reports from summer staff and turn into Directors by Friday lunch so information can be passed along to Ministry Partners
  • Manage online reporting of all medication and injuries
  • Take inventory of supplies at the end of the summer and pack for storage
  • In charge of the cleanliness of the Nurses station. Standards of cleanliness will be given to you when you arrive